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All images are
  JRB Friesians
 unless otherwise
Andra B.
Feitse x Ids x Bendert
Photo Shoot in September 2009, please click on picture below!
Keuring Photo Zoo Crew Photo

Andra at the 2008 FPS Keuring. Despite the fact that she has had 5 foals, she still likes to move and shake things and also like to put on quite a bit of a show <g>


Andra was the first Friesian foal born at our farm in Enumclaw. She is a mare with a "sense of humor". Always up to something. She is the female "Houdini" as she has very talented lips and is capable of pretty much opening any kind of latch.... She has had many parties in the barn, letting everybody else out of their stalls. She also has a thing for tools and is very inquisitive as she very much enjoyed playing with the husbands tool box..........

Andra has had 4 foals so far:
2004: Maxine JRB by Lukas now owned by Jon Coomb in Vancouver WA
2005: Regine JRB by Lukas now owned by Gay Norman in Texas
2006: Trinity JRB by Teade owned by Karen Venfree in New York
2007: Zenith JRB by Gerlof
2008: Cabernet JRB by Tjesse now owned by Susan Brown in Louisianna