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Arrow of HonorBright (Star)
Wicher x Naen x Reitse

Arrow of HonorBright joined us in 2005. I actually was not even looking to buy another horse, but after talking to her owner, I pretty much decided that I needed to have her. It took surprisingly little to convince my husband and we bought Arrow sight unseen. We liked her pedigree and once she got here, we were surprised how tall she was. She is getting close to 17 hands. We bred her to Heinse and she had her first foal - Valentino JRB - in March 2006. Funny stories need to be told! Arrow gave birth to Valentino while I attended the FPZV Stallion Performance Testing in Texas with a bunch of friends of mine. It was a Saturday night and I had just been informed that I would be riding one of the newly approved FPZV stallions in the Award Ceremony. As if that was not exciting enough, especially since I had to borrow the various items of the riding outfit (squeezing my size 10 body into a size 2 pair of breeches and dressage coat), I am getting the frantic phone call from my husband Jack, telling me that Arrow was in labor.... We got interrupted thanks to cell phone reception and I could not get hold of him until a little while later (I was getting "vet-wrapped" to fit into the size 2 coat...). By that time, Arrow had delivered a foal which was first identified as a "filly". Jack had done everything right, and then lost his nerve and ran over to our neighbors and friends calling for help (whatever happened to phones ???? or taking the car over???) Everything was well though and our wonderful vet came also over on his day off to assist Jack with tending to the foal. Once the vet arrived, Jack was also educated about the gender of the foal.... a colt! What can I say - I was thrilled. A healthy foal, a happy yet exhausted husband, and I got to ride a newly approved stallion in the award ceremony! It can't get better than that? Oh yes, it can! Because Jack delivered Valentino, we are going to keep him!


Arrow delivered a healthy and big Friesian/Lusitano colt in March 2008. His registered name is HonorBright, but his barn name is simply "Zoom".


His sire is the Cremello Lusitano Stallion Saphiro. http://www.raineyvalleyfarm.com/stallions/saphiro.htm