JRB Friesians



Elisa Z
Feitse x Jurjen x Mark
Ellie came to us at 8 months old. I brought her home and Jack (hubby) counted the horses one day and asked me, while we were having a party at our house, if we had bought her..... I said yes! We did!
Ellie sustained a hock injury as a weanling and had surgery to take out a rather large piece of bone. While she will never be ridden or driven, she is sound and is used as a broodmare only. She is tall and has the most beautiful eyes and the kindest heart. So far, she blessed us with all these wonderful foals:
Selah JRB (Star Mare) by Anne 340
Templar JRB by Anne 340 now owned by Tina Hoey
Zeus JRB by Gerlof 
Alexandria FRB by Tjesse 400 now owned by Rena Bilodeau
Furia MHF by Ulbert 390 owned by Traci Curry in Idaho
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