JRB Friesians



Jinke Z (Star)
Ids x Bendert x Willem
Jinke was our very first Friesian. I remember when I broke the news to my husband that I had decided to look for a Friesian. Jack was very agreeable until I told him about the price these horses go for.... But, thanks to my winning and convincing nature, Jack agreed and fell in love with the Friesian Breed as soon as he met his first Friesian in person.
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Jinke's mother made Preferent a few years back and is now well on her way to get a double Preferent! Jinke is one of the most laid-back horses I have ever had. She has the sweetest character, but does not lack in personality at all. She would be the most perfect driving horse, as she has an incredible trot! She can pretty much out-trot every other horses when they are cantering. The only draw back here is - I do not drive! So yes, she is broke to ride and yes, she does have a canter, which is also surprisingly comfortable. We sent her off for some driving training and she did very well there. BUT - We don't own any driving gear.
Jinke has had 5 foals so far:
Andra B by Feitse
Komet JRB by a foalbook stallion now owned by Pat Traub
Raven JRB by Lukas
Teagan JRB by Teade
Antoinette JRB by Tjesse 400
Jinke's Video is on the Video Page!


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