JRB Friesians




Lutske fan Henswoude (Star)
Lute x Wessel x Ewold

Lutske is by Lute and out of Tiny (M+P). She is a tall (16.3 hand) more baroque looking Friesian with a very elegant head and head neck connection. Lutske is our son's favorite mare. Whenever he is out in the field, she walks up to him and schmoozes with him by putting her head down such that he can hug it. She has a very kind and sweet temperament and is a wonderful mother to her foals.

Lutske had 5 foals so far
Yreka Lutske Z by Tsjerk (Star)
Erika Lutske Z by Tsjerk (Star)
Gretchen Lutske Z (by Anne)
Since she has joined JRB Friesians, she had:
Raquel JRB&Z by Teade and now owned by Don and Lisa Eckhardt
Takoda JRB by Anne owned by our son Max
Sandman (Friesian Lusitano Cross)

Hollywood JRB by Tjesse 400

  Photo on top and bottom taken by Judy Makela
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