JRB Friesians





May 2011

Show Season is starting up. So far, the schooling shows have been quite successful. It will be interesting. Max will be showing Liberty this year. Training and 1st Level, maybe, if they can pull it off - upgrade to 2nd Level. We will see :) Meanwhile, I am busting with pride that I can see my son successfully showing a horse I bred.   



Gwen has been working with Valentino. He also will be showing Training and 1st Level. Progress has been made in the last 7 months that Valentino has been in full training at Donida Farm. So far, every schooling show, he has been winning Training and 1st Level with scores in the 70s.


Tjesse is still laid up. He had stemcell procedures in both hind legs. Medial suspensor ligament injuries in both hind legs. The surgeon was surprised that Tjesse was still competing and that he did as well as he did towards the end of the last season.

So far, Tjesse seems to recover well. Breeding Season has already started and it looks like we can keep him quite busy in the breeding barn, so he won't be bored...


Stay tuned.
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