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JRB Friesians is proudly standing at Stud the former KFPS and now FPZV (www.friesenpferde-zuchtverband.de ) Approved Stallion Tjesse 400 (Sjaard 320 x Hearke 254 P). Tjesse arrived at our home safely at the beginning of January 2007. In 2007, he bred several KFPS mares. Unfortunately, he was disapproved on offspring due to falling short of his offspring testing. That year, unfortunately the exchange rate between USD and Euro was so high, that it would have cost us a fortune to complete his offspring testing.

A true son of Sjaard, Tjesse 400 has been competing very successfully at the top dressage levels for Friesian stallions in The Netherlands and is a Dressage Champion. He has a wonderful temperament and passes both his good work ethics and his dressage talent to his offspring.  

Tjesse 400 is a rare combination of modern saddle talent and foundation Friesian stock; a modern day riding horse without sacrificing the Friesian exterior and temperament. He incorporates longevity and elegance and tops it all off with a wonderful temperament. Tjesse’s grand sire on his dam’s side is Pibe-Bouke 233,  who was approved in 1968 but sold outside the FPS studbook that same year.

This truly rare line is now available here in North America. Tjesse’s papers have a total of 7 Preferent, 5 Model-Preferent, 3 Ster Preferent, 2 Model-Preferent and Prestatie, 3 Ster and 1 Model. 

Tjesse 400 will be available via cooled shipped semen for  breeding. 

Tjesse 400 is CEM and EVA negative. His DNA is on file with UC Davis, CA


dob: 24 May 1999

Sire: Sjaard 320

Dam: Jantsje IJ (S) Stam 78

Height: 167 cm

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