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Acapella JRB
Tjesse 400 x Oantsje Z
Acapella in May 2009
Keuring Pictures Zoo Crew Photo

Acapella and Star went with us to the keuring. Ever since Star became "Pella's" nurse mom, Acapella has not left her side! We were concerned about Star and how she would handle the whole keuring ordeal, but she did just fine! Acapella received a 3rd premie at the keuring, which was certainly justified at that time.

Acapella has become quite a bit more independent since we weaned all the girls from their dams. Star went back to her owner, but we miss her already.

June 2008
Born April 24 2008

When Acapella was born, it was about 3 pm in the afternoon. My 9 year old son Max was home from school, but I had a doctor's appointment that took longer  than expected. I heard the phone ring, but could not get to it. On my way out of the doctor's office, I checked my messages and heard the following: "Mom, the neighbors called, we have a foal in the pasture. They are too scared to do anything - I am going to take care of it!"

Oh boy.... Oantsje was turned out with the rest of the herd. If she was the one that foaled, the foal and Max would both be safe, as NOBODY in the herd messes with Oantsje.

Sure enough, I got home, Max had made sure that the placenta was pulled off the foal's nose and that it was breathing. He then tried to move the rest of the horses out of the field, which he did not get accomplished. So - he took his bike, rode it over to my friend's house, who was not there, but her mother was and together they returned and moved the other horses into a separate pasture. Max ran into the house, got a towel, his coat and the camera! First two pictures were taken by him. Then he went and rubbed the foal dry with the towel and put his coat on her. Oantsje patiently shared her new foal with my son.

Once we knew that the foal was a filly, we named her Acapella. She now belongs to my son Max.

Acapella's dam, Oantsje Z, died very unexpectedly 2 days after giving birth. What a shock for us! Thanks to our wonderful vet, Jeff Stenslie, we had a nurse mare within hours.

Acapella's new mother is an Appaloosa mare. Her name is Star and she is a pretty girl. And we will always be grateful to her taking on our little "Pella" girl!